What is your specialty in the salon? 
My specialty as a stylist are men’s fades, fashion colors like green, pink, blue etc. Color melts, Oil slick, Balayage, highlights from natural to bright, color theory, basic color, cutting techniques like textured bobs and cuts at all lengths, pixie cuts, undercuts and designs, regular womens cuts,   shampoo/style, curling and updos, if there is anything you’d like to try creative wise I would love to consult and come up with something! 
Favorite add on service for someone to try?
For my men’s guest I love to add on a shampoo/style and teach them how to take care of their hair by the health, and style. 
For my women’s guest I love to add on a curling service or teach tangible ways to have fun with it at home. 
Fun Fact that no one knows about you?
A fun fact about me is that I do art, photography, and writing. Anything I can create with my hands I try my best to do at. I am married to Noah Bates who is also creative and we alot of art together. 
Cat or Dog Person?
I love both dogs and cats, though I am a cat mom to a 14 LB Maine Coone tabby cat, he’s a male. He has the greatest part about teaching me patience, love, and adulting.
Favorite thing about being a stylist?
I think the greatest part about being a stylist is how much I genuinely love people. I know that is very generic but honestly it’s the truth. I decided in highschool to not go to college for art, photography and writing but rather pursue this career of being a hairstylist not because of the money, or the creative side even though that’s a great and huge part. I chose this because to me everyone is beautiful, or handsome and I want to be the person who gets to know the things about you that maybe you don’t like or aren’t your favorite and along the way build trust and teach you to love it. So this is me, I can’t wait to meet you, and know you!